I'm a software inventor-entrepreneur. Tools for online speech is a term I came up with to describe the kinds of things I like to build: software that helps good ideas to spread and makes the internet a better place for individuals and society. Some of the things I've built so far:

  • Yakread, a reader app that imports content from all the other apps and services you use and merges it all into one algorithmically-curated feed.
  • The Sample, a newsletter discovery tool that's driven over 45,000 new subscriptions for participating newsletters.
  • Platypub, the publishing platform that I've used to create this website 🙂.
  • Biff, a web framework that all these apps are built with.

I discuss my work in a weekly newsletter. You should subscribe. You can also find me on Discord, Mastodon, and Twitter. Feel free to email me.