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Yakread is a simple, smart reader app. It helps you spend your limited free time reading stuff you actually care about instead of whatever happens to be on social media. Yakread emphasizes newsletters but also works with RSS, bookmarks, ebooks, Mastodon, and—for the time being—Twitter.

I've worked full-time on Yakread from August 2022 until the present, with occasional diversions in the form of consulting, writing, and my other projects.

Biff is a web framework for the Clojure programming language. I use it for Yakread and all my other projects. The first release was in 2020. In 2022 it matured from its previously experimental state and has been slowly gaining adoption since. I receive sponsorship for Biff from JUXT, the finest Clojure consultancy in the world, and various top-notch individuals, as well as Clojurists Together previously.

The Sample is my most broadly-known project. It's a newsletter recommender: each day it sends you the latest issue from a ~random newsletter; if you like it, you can subscribe to that newsletter in a single click. Newsletters are sourced from submissions.

I worked full-time on The Sample from February 2021 to August 2022. It provides some side income, but it has low long-term retention and as such I was unable to make it grow past its current plateau. Hence Yakread.

Platypub is an experimental open-source publishing platform. I use it to publish this website and the accompanying newsletter; it also serves as a non-toy example project for Biff. It's meant to give you the same amount of flexibility that you'd have if you coded everything from scratch, without requiring you to actually do that.

Platypub is in a pre-alpha state, but it is genuinely useful if you know how to program in Clojure. Eventually I'd like to provide a hosted instance of it.

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