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by Jacob O'Bryant

Resume – Jacob O'Bryant

I'm a software engineer with five years in industry. I do full-stack web dev, leaning towards backend, primarily on the JVM (with Clojure). I'm also interested in recommender systems and machine learning infrastructure. Recovering entrepreneur.


  • 2023–current: Software Engineer at Tyba. Helping to decarbonize the energy grid. Full-stack web dev. Clojure.
  • 2019–2023: Bootstrapped founder. Started Yakread in August 2022, a reading app that includes an online recommender system + feed ranking algorithm. Also built various other recommender system/newsletter related products before that. Clojure.
  • 2018–2019: Software Engineer at Lucid Software. I worked on the product now known as Marq, doing full-stack web dev. Scala, Typescript.
  • 2016: Software Engineer Intern at a now-defunct AI startup. Mostly devops. Linux, Python, Kubernetes.
  • 2015–2016: Assistant Linux Sysadmin at BYU. Part-time college job. Linux, Python.


  • 2020–current: Creator of Biff, a Clojure web framework for solo developers.


  • 2015–2017: B.S. in Computer Science from BYU. 3.9 GPA. Math minor.

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