Self-serve newsletter ad directory

This is a directory of newsletters that sell self-serve ads. Great for introverted ad buyers and anyone else who prefers to minimize back-and-forth emails. I'm compiling this directory while I buy ads for my own product. My hope is that in return, others will contribute so that we can all spend less time looking for newsletters to sponsor.


Submit a newsletter

You can submit your own newsletter and/or someone else's. The newsletter needs to provide self-serve ad booking. There also should be a public link to the booking page somewhere on the newsletter's website, for several reasons:

  1. It ensures that the author is OK with their booking page being findable on the web.
  2. It verifies that the booking page is legit and wasn't set up by someone pretending to be the newsletter author.
  3. It helps the directory to stay up-to-date, even if the author switches to a different booking solution.

Submissions are approved manually before they show up on the public directory. If you want to update a link, submit the new one and I'll remove the old one. If you want to remove your newsletter, send me an email.