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Marketing Findka etc.

New articles:

I’ll be spending a lot more time on writing in the near/foreseeable future, since it’s part of my marketing strategy for Findka. Each article I write is a lottery ticket. Most of them don’t have any returns, but every once in a while I get a hit. My plan is to spend Monday to Thursday writing and publish something each day, then spend Friday and Saturday coding.

A recently-taken photograph of me resisting the urge to code all the time.

I’m also trying out a new way to encourage virality: a Twitter integration. You can submit/review articles by tagging them with @FindkaEssays. Then your tweet will be included with that article whenever it’s recommended to Findka users. So it’s a simple form of cross-promotion. Each essay Findka sends out now includes a “write a review” link which will load up a tweet template.

I don’t know if it’ll catch on, but it makes me feel better to have some form of potential viral growth baked in while I grind away at blogging. I was actually in the middle of implementing some features around email newsletters, trying to somehow build in cross-promotion with those, when I had the thought for this Twitter thing. This seemed like a simpler way.

It’s also not-strictly-impossible that if facilitating discussion works really well, Findka’s value will increase enough that it’ll start growing by word of mouth on its own (every founder’s dream, of course).

Published 20 Jan 2021

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