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I tried to send this yesterday, but my Tinyletter account got temporarily suspended. Turns out you're not supposed to make more than one account with them. I don't think the original newsletter will go out at all, but if it does, sorry for the duplicate.

I've just posted Startup Validation for Hackers. Also, last week I posted a generic blog entry that ended up being mostly about Clojure (unsurprisingly).

I did a lot of polish on Findka last week, such as improving the UX and the website rendering. My wife uses it to generate her personal website now as well,

One of the features I added was automatic embedding for the YouTube videos you upload. So if you're a YouTuber, instead of giving people links to YouTube (and building their brand) you can give them links to your own website (and build your own brand). Example: (I'm sure this will remain a family classic for years to come).

My plans for this week are the same as my plans were for last week... add more integrations, and then start working on the recommender system. I'm pretty excited about finally getting into content discovery.

Recommended content from this week:

I'll add more things besides just music after I have a better workflow for keeping track of the articles I read ;)

Published 21 Jan 2020

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